Pest Control in Lawns

Every year, many dogs, cats and other household pets will have problems with fleas and ticks and many barbecues are ruined by ants and other insects. Pest control in lawns is achievable with our Nuisance Pest Control insecticide application which will keep these nuisances at bay and allow for a more enjoyable use of your lawn.


What is Nuisance Pest Control?

Nuisance pest control is an insecticide application that is used to kill pests that are present at the time of treatment but also to repel insects from venturing into the lawn. A nuisance pest control application can treat for and repel up 180 different species of lawn insects including ants, spiders, roaches, fleas and ticks.

While this application is not necessarily marketed towards flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, or gnats, it has proven to be successful at repelling them when the proper treatment schedule is followed each year.

When should a  nuisance pest control application be applied?

A nuisance pest control application should be applied before pests become a problem, and should be done several times each year to prolong the treatment and prevention of insects. These applications are typically conducted in spring, summers, and late summer or early fall.

Sum it up

Following the proper application process each year will not only treat for insects within the lawn, but may also prevent future infestations. Pest control in lawns will keep your yard pests free and allow for more enjoyment for your family and pest, as well as for guests when hosting barbecues or pool parties.

It is always a good idea to consult with a lawn care professional and ask any questions you may have. Look around, ask friends or family, and research companies on the Better Business Bureau to find a company that you can trust.

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