FAQ Category: General Office

Is your company insured?

Yes, we are completely insured and if the unexpected should occur while performing any service offered at your property our insurance covers all incidents.

Do I need to renew my services from year-to-year?

Service will continue from year-to-year, unless we hear from you otherwise. If you should ever want to change services performed or cancel service, please call our office or send us an email as we will need to update our records accordingly.

Do I need to be home?

Some of our pest control services, you will need to be home, as our technicians may need to enter your home, dependent on the service performed.

What time will you be out?

While it is difficult to schedule exact appointment times for most service treatments, we can provide general time frames such as early morning, late morning, etc.

Will you call me before you come out?

For customers that request notification prior to any service performed, yes we can provide that as a courtesy. We prefer to send an email notification, but can call if requested. For customers with gates or pets left outside it is our standard procedure to send a notification prior to any service performed regardless.